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When I first saw the portrait I was so stunned, Ana captured the likeness to the finest of details. To have someone devote that much care and attention to creating my likeness was a feeling like I had never experienced before.

James Poole
from England

Ana’s artworks are simply perfect. Her drawings look like photographs, very detailed and realisticly drawn, which is very impressive. You will never regret buying one of her works!

Angela Schubert
from Germany

It is just absolutely phenomenal, you could very easily mistake it for a photograph! I am really and truly thrilled with this beautiful art. When you see it in person, it is almost unbelievable. I know that this portrait will always be very special to me.

Jo Johnson
from England

About Ana

Ana Mendes,

Portrait Artist

With over fifteen years of experience in visual arts, Ana is a Portuguese artist who specializes in realistic pencil portraits. A perfectionist at heart, she spends hours working on the tiniest of details. Most of her works are inspired by the films she loves. 

Ana worked for six years as a graphic designer / social media manager, and recently dove into the world of makeup, something that has also allowed her to be creative, in a different way. 

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